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Affordable convenience

Enjoy home automation benefits without the hassle of changing your existing blinds.

Wake to the morning sun

Wake to the morning sun

Get up to the warming rays of the sun on your face by setting your blinds to open automatically in the morning.
Get the privacy that you need all night long, scheduling your blinds to close automatically at sunset.

Access from anywhere

Never worry about forgetting to close your blinds. You can even close them from the other side of the world.
Wi-fi connectivity built-in allows you to control your blinds from any distance without an additional hub.
Access from anywhere
Uninterrupted relaxation

Uninterrupted relaxation

Comfortably adjust sunlight while working on chores, sitting or even lying down for a nap.
No longer have to be worried about accessing those hard-to-reach windows.

Designed for simplicity

Leafi works with iOS and Android devices

Home Dashboard

Quickly see the status of all your blinds, so even when you are away you can easily make position changes

Favourite Scenes

Save your preferred position settings, whether it's for movies, napping or studying and re-create them whenever you want.


Get the privacy that you need all night long, scheduling your blinds to close automatically at sunset.

Family Sharing

Share household accounts so you won't have any more battles over who has to get up to close the blinds

A simple retrofit

Leafi is the best option for converting your traditional blinds into automated ones.

Straightforward installation

Straightforward installation

Our flexible retrofit kit converts your blinds into smart and motorized blinds, requiring no special tools.

Connect to your smart home

Without needing another smart hub, Leafi is integrated with leading smart home platforms including Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

Connect to your smart home

Features list

Previewing some of our launch features

Alexa Integration

Google Home Integration

Scenes & Schedules

Local Control API

Wi-Fi Connectivity

Remote Access


AutoBlinds will work with any blinds that are currently controlled using a tilt rod.

AutoBlinds has built-in Wi-Fi that will allow you to directly connect to your local network and internet.

We are working to launch AutoBlinds soon. Join our pre-launch list to get the latest updates and perks.

Ready for smarter blinds?

The luxury of automated blinds can be yours.