Motorize Your Blinds with Smart Home Technology 

Nova by Leafi converts your existing blinds to smart blinds. Full control and easy programming through our app. The Nova is fully compatible with Google Home and Amazon Alexa. Simple installation with no need for screws or tape. It’s the perfect addition to your smart home. 

Effortless Upgrade 

Transform your blinds without the hassle of hiring professional contractors or investing in new blinds. With Nova by Leafi, there's no damage to your walls or existing blinds. Install and automate your blinds in minutes.

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Voice Control

Experience seamless smart home integration. With Nova by Leafi, a simple “open bedroom blinds” or “close living room blinds by 20%” command connects to your Google Home or Amazon Alexa and activates the device; it’s that easy! 

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Schedule the Sun

Schedule your blinds to fit your daily routine. Program a single or group of windows, enjoy multiple program settings in a single day, or even set your blinds based on the sunrise/sunset. Schedule your blinds to optimize passive heating and enhance cooling for energy efficiency year-round. The smarter, more comfortable way to manage your environment.

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  • Adam K.

    "I have it open and close my blinds daily, and if I need to adjust them because of the placement of the sun,  I can do that quick and easy!”

    (Duncan, BC)

  • Karl N.

    “Much better than other products I have used in the past, it actually works. For me it all works the way I want it to. I set it and I forget it, everything is automated so its easy.”

    (Vancouver, BC)

  • Matt H.

    “Being curled up in bed and being able to close the blinds without ruining my nap! Coming home at the end of a long day and being able to have Google close my blinds without needing to go around and do it manually”

    (Vancouver, BC)

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Complete Your Smart Home

Motorize your existing blinds with smart home technology.

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