Power Of Voice Control Blinds

Power Of Voice Control Blinds

As the world of technology progresses in leaps and bounds, moving from smartphones to smart homes, we desperately try to keep pace with the devices that increasingly make our lives so much easier. Whether it is stumbling around in the darkness after arriving home or the dread knowing that you’ve forgotten to close the blinds just as you hit the bed, we’ve all been there. In those moments, we all wished for the magical invention that is voice control.

Aladdin may have had the Genie, but we have Alexa and Siri. And as far as granting wishes goes, they do a pretty great job (misinterpreting your request and texting the wrong number included). Having a voice-controlled home, besides being good fun, is also a huge convenience, especially while treading the treacherous waters of multi-tasking.

Here are some of the top voice-control platforms and reasons you should have them in your home.

Google Home Assistant

The all-knowing Google also happens to be pretty great at home management. You can broadcast house-wide announcements at mealtimes or bedtimes, set alarms, and even procrastinate a bit by getting Google Assistant to roll a die for you.

All Google Home devices integrate with up to 30,000 smart home gadgets that can be controlled by the sound of your voice. Greet your Google Home speakers with a simple ‘Hey Google,’ and you will have your room set to a cozy temperature, lights dimmed, and music played louder within seconds. You can enable voice control with a few simple steps and literally bring your house to life.

Apple HomeKit and Siri

Once an Apple user, always an Apple user and with Apple HomeKit, though it may be a little challenging to set up, it is quite the dream once it is up and running. Apple’s Home app is exceptionally well-designed, and by far, one of the most user-friendly of the lot.

Apple’s quality is unquestionably superior, making HomeKit great for scheduling routines and integrating voice control into your home devices. The performance is consistent, reliable, and with Siri’s charming monotone, even a little amusing. You can start every day with a bit of dramatic flair as your voice control blinds unfurl on schedule at the sound of your voice.

Amazon Alexa

‘This is so sad, Alexa, play Despacito.’

Besides being a breakthrough star that nearly broke the internet, Alexa is one of the best platforms to integrate voice control into your home. You can use it with Amazon devices like the Echo smart speakers or Fire TV or even with certain third-party devices that are Alexa compatible.

Alexa makes it super easy to group your devices, an absolute necessity when it comes to automating your house, as it enables you to control individual sections of your home with just a single command. With Alexa’s routines, you can even use voice control to trigger an action with a simple word or phrase.

There will be no more getting out of bed begrudgingly when you’ve got voice control blinds and Alexa to look after it for you.

Is Voice Control For You?

So why should you hop on the bandwagon and get your home completely voice-controlled? Very simply, it is the sheer convenience of giving a command and having it obeyed the first time. It is so much easier to get things done without the inherent laziness of human beings getting in the way. Not to mention, it’s pretty awesome to have your retrofit automated blinds open and close on command.

Though the set-up may seem like a herculean task at first, the initial struggle will be worth it. The instructions, though unfamiliar, are fairly easy-to-follow, and once you’ve gotten accustomed to the smart home way of life, there will be no turning back. So take the chance and liven up your home. Your life is about to get so much better.

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